13 Apr

Remote DBA for Drizzle

This morning at the MySQL User Conference and Expo, we’re excited to be included in Brian Aker’s keynote “The State of Drizzle” as one of the first organization to offer support for Drizzle now that it has reached GA with the release of Drizzle 7.  Brian Aker is the CTO of Data Differential and is the lead developer for the Drizzle Project.

Blue Gecko will offer operational support via our remote DBA model for Drizzle environments in the same manner and with the same stellar support team as has grown to support MySQL since we added service for it in 2003.  Our team can augment a company’s operational DBAs or can help a small installation move from a developer managed database to a more scalable 24×7 follow the sun operational model.  We provide operational remote DBA support to organizations from the startup to divisions of Fortune 500 companies. To learn more, please check out the description of our Remote DBA Services.

Blue Gecko has additionally worked with Patrick Galbraith to contribute DBD::drizzle and Drizzle AMIs for use at Amazon AWS to the Drizzle project.  In our core service space, we have worked with the Drizzle team offering infrastructure support to their project for the last two years and are excited to be included in announcement. Many congratulations to their team for making this new micro-kernel database a reality.

updated:  Patrick Galbraith will be attending the Drizzle Developer Day on Friday April 15th.

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