28 Sep

OSCON, OpenWorld and MySQL community

Today’s excitement for me is the announcement that I’ll be co-chair of OSCON for 2011.  This has been in the works for a chunk of the summer, and I’m super excited that I can start talking about it more publicly.  Edd Dumbill and I are discussing lots of awesome sessions, tracks and foci for OSCON 2011.  The call for proposals will be out in early December.

All that said, I also received a note saying that Sheeri Cabral’s videos from Oracle OpenWorld’s MySQL Sunday are posted and that includes my talk “You Know Databases. (How Hard Can MySQL Be?)”.  This is great content she’s sharing through the non-profit organization Technocation.  Which leads me to my next point about the MySQL and open database communities in general.  OpenSQLCamp is in two weeks!  I’m super excited that our newest senior MySQL hire Patrick Galbraith of DBD::mysql and authorship fame will be representing Blue Gecko there.  I know many other people from the community are planning to attend.  If you haven’t signed up, do it now!

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