25 Feb

Ninja tricks in top!

One of our senior MySQL DBAs, Mike Hamrick, wasn’t feeling well this week and so stayed home from the office. ┬áInstead of actually resting, produced this video about reading top output! ┬áI leave it to you all to watch and learn from our local tool tip pro.

And, feel better Mike!

One Response to “Ninja tricks in top!”

  1. Baron Schwartz 27. Feb, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    Great video. I did not know about /proc/interrupts — that looks very useful for some troubleshooting tasks. I’ll add that to Aspersa’s collect tool :)

    Small correction: the load average doesn’t come from (R)unning processes, but rather (R)unnable processes (and those that are blocked on IO, which differs from most Unixes). When Mike said “the run queue” he was right — but processes that are on the run queue aren’t running, they are waiting for a CPU to be available. That’s why load average is a good indication of backlog.

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