8 Apr

MySQL Conference in just more than a week

Alas, I won’t be attending the conference but in reading the speaking schedules, I found several talks that I hope will be recorded and published later.  Many are directly applicable to our customers and the work we do for them, some would tickle my inner geek and a few are super interesting for what they portend for the data management space.

Scale Up, Scale Out and HA – this is always a great topic.  ever changing thanks to very creative administrators and developers solving real world problems.

Advanced Query Manipulation with MySQL Proxy – proxy has so many potential applications, i’d love to see what Kay is going to talk about.

MySQL Proxy meets: BinLogs – clearly I need to schedule some time to play with MySQL Proxy.

Future of Replication – so many of our smaller clients use replication as a high(er) availability option this sounds like it’ll be a condensed discussion of things on the roadmap, and considered for the roadmap.

Divide and Be Conquered –  partitioning comes up repeatedly with customers and as Brooks will demonstrate, it’s a double edged sword.

There are loads more topics that are happening including talks about Drizzle and Maria both of which Blue Gecko wants to support when they’re ready for production operations by those who aren’t just incredibly brave.

I’ll be watching from afar and listening vicariously all while looking forward to next year.

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