19 Jan

IOUG’s MySQL Council

I’m super excited to point all of our readers to the IOUG press release announcing the formation of the MySQL Council.

January 13, 2011 – The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), a community of more than 20,000 international database and technology professionals representing large, medium and small businesses, government agencies and educational institutions, today announced the formation of the MySQL Council..

I additionally have the privilege of leading this council in it’s first year and helping the MySQL community engage with the IOUG putting to use the relationship and history that the IOUG has with Oracle to help MySQL maintain and grow our community.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting of the MySQL Council where we will be ratifying the charter document defining the council’s goals.  My favorite lines from the draft charter are:

Additionally, the Council will be given the opportunity through IOUG to work with Oracle to provide a direct advocacy channel for user feedback, and to discuss the strategy for the MySQL database.

The council is not meant to replace the grassroots organizations that exist; in fact, this council is meant to help enhance communications (and not replace governance or existing infrastructure).

It’s great to have a lauded organization such as the IOUG both wanting to take the MySQL community under it’s wing to grow it and understanding that there is a lot of existing community structure that can be embraced as well.

I toast them and am looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.

Speaking of which, don’t forget that the IOUG’s conference Collaborate11 is happening Sunday, April 10th through Thursday April 14th.

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