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8 Mar

IOUG’s MySQL Council statement on public bug database uses

Being a MySQL Council member is something that takes up some of my time, but what I get in return is to help the community address issues in with Oracle when there is a lack of communication or understanding.

The council drafted a statement late last week after Mark Callaghan’s post “Where have all the bugs gone?” and has reached out to leaders in the Oracle support organization to draw attention to community concerns and drawbacks that we hope haven’t been previously considered.  More information as we have it.

Read the full article…

25 Feb

Ninja tricks in top!

One of our senior MySQL DBAs, Mike Hamrick, wasn’t feeling well this week and so stayed home from the office.  Instead of actually resting, produced this video about reading top output!  I leave it to you all to watch and learn from our local tool tip pro.

And, feel better Mike!

15 Feb

OurSQL update and recording day!

The OurSQL podcasts will eventually make it into the Blue Gecko blog.  But, in the mean time, I’d like to summarize what Sheeri Cabral and I have been getting up to.  As I mentioned in the OurSQL revival post we are working to bring you a podcast every week about something technical or community related.  Since mid-December, we’ve recorded and published eight podcasts. Read the full article…

11 Feb

Using SQL to create SQL (and other usefulness)

Today, I had a task of modifying a slave to exclude (or if you want to say specifically include) tables. The situation is that this slave need only contain tables used for reporting. The added benefit being that with fewer tables to replicate there will be less replication traffic, less disk I/O and less disk space used hence better performance for queries that digest statistical data.

In the past, I would manually edit files, but today I decided to turn over a new leaf and be lazy — and let the database do the work for me! I’m posting this article because I feel obliged to share with you my laziness. Read the full article…

9 Feb

Memcached Functions for MySQL 1.1 released!

I’m pleased to announce the release of Memcached Functions for MySQL, version 1.1. It’s been a while since the 1.0 release, and I’ll use writing a book and having a baby as an excuse, but nevertheless, this release has several changes and new features:

  • Fixed all the calls to libmemcached that were broken when libmemcached changed. This release works with Libmemcached 0.44
  • Added my own string functions as the libmemcached string functions I relied on before were made local/private from the shared library
  • Added memc_get_cas() and memc_get_cas_by_key() functions. You can now obtain the CAS value of an item! For instance:
mysql> select memc_servers_set('localhost:11211');
| memc_servers_set('localhost:11211') |
|                                   0 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec) Read the full article...

29 Jan

Notes from International Oracle Usergroup Community Summit

Monday through Wednesday this week Oracle hosted nearly 200 community leaders from across the globe to talk about their communities, the products and interactions with Oracle. This year was the first year the communities from Oracle’s Sun acquisition were included.

I was traveling with the well connected IOUG [Independent Oracle Users Group] and representing the MySQL Council. In this capacity, I had the opportunity to speak with Luke Kowalski – VP, Corporate Architecture Group; Roseanne Park – Senior Director, Customer Support, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM and MySQL about MySQL and what the Oracle acquisition means for the product and the community. It was reassuring to hear a consistent message that MySQL brings Oracle a new market segment. Everyone I spoke with was excited about the addition to the product portfolio and the opportunities that MySQL offers Oracle.

Read the full article…

27 Jan

Patrick Galbraith named Oracle ACE!

A big congratulations to our very own Patrick Galbraith, who has just been recognized as an Oracle Ace for MySQL!  In addition to being an absolute MySQL rock star, in his “spare time” he maintains DBD::mysql, DBD::drizzle, FederatedX storage engine and the Memcached Functions for MySQL. He has just authored “Developing Web Applications using Perl, Memcached, MySQL, and Apache”.

Patrick joined Blue Gecko in 2010 and has been nothing short of spectacular, navigating customers through an unbelievably varied word of LAMP challenges that go far beyond even the most liberal definitions of “remote DBA.”  one of the most truly service-oriented technical people I’ve had the privilege of working with and just a cool guy to meet, the award couldn’t be more well-deserved.

Congrats again, Patrick!!

25 Jan

2011 MySQL community dinner (west) at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference

This year’s facts:
What: MySQL community dinner (west)
Who: me, you, and many MySQL community members
When: Monday, April 11th – Meet at 6:30 at the Hyatt Santa Clara or at 7 pm at the restaurant
Where: Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina – 3935 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054
How: Please RSVP and share this invitation with the community. Read the full article…

19 Jan

IOUG’s MySQL Council

I’m super excited to point all of our readers to the IOUG press release announcing the formation of the MySQL Council.

January 13, 2011 – The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), a community of more than 20,000 international database and technology professionals representing large, medium and small businesses, government agencies and educational institutions, today announced the formation of the MySQL Council..

I additionally have the privilege of leading this council in it’s first year and helping the MySQL community engage with the IOUG putting to use the relationship and history that the IOUG has with Oracle to help MySQL maintain and grow our community. Read the full article…

11 Jan

OurSQL Podcast revival

For those of you, like myself, who find that December was a bit of haze of holiday parties, there were happenings in the MySQL world.

Sheeri Cabral and I have revived the OurSQL podcasts of yore. There are four that have been recorded and three have been released already. We’ve committed to recording them (almost) weekly going forward. Already, we’ve covered what’s new in MySQL 5.5, Percona’s packaging of HandlerSocket in their most recent release and the MySQL conference landscape for 2011.

This Friday we’ll release a podcast about subqueries and how they do and don’t work in MySQL (frequently they don’t work as you’d hope).

Next week? Backups!
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