About Us


Blue Gecko was founded in January of 2001 with 2 basic ideas:
The 2010 Inc. 500|5000

  • Small and medium IT shops can rarely afford the best and most talented DBA resources.
  • For many organizations, a full-time DBA availability is needed, not necessarily a full-time DBA.

Using those ideas, founders JJ Ecker, Sarah Novotny, and Chuck Edwards began to seek out organizations that had made investments in Oracle or Oracle E-Business Suite and offered to provide 7×24 monitoring and support for their databases and database infrastructure. As our customer base grew, we found customer loyalty to be fantastic; we provide a wider range of expertise, experience, and availability of quality systems and DBA resources at a fraction of the price of a single on-site resource, and that kind of value never goes away. Even organizations with full-time staff saw the value; on-site staff could focus on organization-specific work, and Blue Gecko managed technology-specific work like performance tuning and backups.

A privately held company, we have grown profitably every year since inception and now have remote customers on three continents, and manage more than 500 databases with our talented, dedicated, on-shore, 7×24 staff.

Blue Gecko is still focused exclusively on support for databases including Oracle, Oracle Applications, MySQL and SQL Server. We have expertise in and provide support for a wide range of infrastructure surrounding those technologies including various flavors of Linux and UNIX, application servers, web servers, and various network and storage devices. Our customers range from small “mom and pop” shops with minimum support contracts or a single server, to large, publicly traded enterprises who need 7×24 monitoring and response for critical, revenue-generating database infrastructure.


Thank-you for considering Blue Gecko for your remote DBA provider.

We are not a consulting firm that also provides remote services for our customers; we focus on methods, tools, pricing, and people that make us a better, more responsive remote service provider. Blue Gecko approaches remote administration as a core competency, and how we provide a superior remote administration experience that accommodates a wide range of customer needs:

  • We have developed a pricing and service structure that provides a $0 entry-level commitment, and scales to hundreds of hours of service per month, all while charging our customers only for work performed.
  • We have developed and integrated a set of tools to provide a proven, reliable, and incredibly flexible 7×24 monitoring platform.
  • We have developed internal tracking and operational applications that transparently capture all work performed, and establish a run-book that allows us to follow site-specific rules and procedures for each customer.
  • Finally, we have assembled a team of committed technology service people who have the single mission of helping our customers get the most out of their investments; we place as heavy an emphasis on customer service as we do on technical capability when recruiting and hiring.

Blue Gecko employs a simple time-based model that allows maximum flexibility and service-level while only charging for real work. Customers may use our team on-demand, with no ongoing commitment, or may purchase blocks of support time starting at 16 hours per month.

Our support is never restricted to a particular database, server, time of day, or skill set; all Blue Gecko customers have full access to the entire Blue Gecko team 7×24 with a guaranteed SLA. All customers are assigned a technical account manager and a project manager to keep projects big and small moving along, and to make sure that customers are getting the most out of their support time. All customers have access to Blue Gecko’s monitoring and tracking tools that are geared specifically around remote administration.

Because of our flexibility, our team may play different roles depending on the needs of our customer:

  • Backup coverage for a lone, on-site DBA.
  • Mentoring on-site DBA or systems staff.
  • Augmentation of existing staff to provide 7×24 coverage or add specific skills.
  • Full outsourcing of DBA and systems responsibilities.

We have no long-term requirements; customers may adjust their service levels up and down or cancel them altogether as required. Many of our customers have grown from start-ups to mature, profitable organizations all while using Blue Gecko administration services however it was most convenient for them at any given time. We are proud to say we still have many of our original customers from our inception in 2001.